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Praetorian is a lightning-fast twin-stick arcade action game. Placed in a deadly arena, the players' goal is to simply survive the longest - not so easy a feat! Players must dodge bouncing lasers, falling bombs, spinning energy balls and exploding mines, all while the floor falls out from under them. You are not entirely helpless though, you have a trusty shield that can deflect many hazards - and send them flying at your enemies!

Left Stick - move your ship
Right Stick - rotate your shield
Right Bumper / A / B - dash

Note: This game requires each player to have an Xbox 360 controller, as it uses XboxCtrlrInput for input - other controllers are not supported natively, and a controller is required to play. An Xbox 360 controller emulator such as x360ce may work but has not been tested.  See https://github.com/x360ce/x360ce#readme (x360ce) and https://github.com/JISyed/Unity-XboxCtrlrInput (XboxCtrlrInput) for details.

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Praetorian.zip 16 MB

Install instructions

Simply extract Praetorian.zip, open the Praetorian folder and run Praetorian.exe.

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